We are a community of Christ Followers who are passionate about the things of God! Our desire is for people to encounter God, who is real, loving, and powerful.
Our mission is to live out the very life that Jesus led for us by doing the things Jesus did and loving people the way Jesus loved. Come join us in the joy, hope, and freedom that only comes through living for Jesus Christ!
Thank you for your continued giving and support of the Kingdom of God at Destiny Church!
For your convenience, you can either give online by clicking the “Give” link below or mail your tithes/offerings to PO Box 546, Cheyenne, WY  82003.

We are located at . . .
711 Warren Avenue
Cheyenne, WY  82007
Mailing Address:
PO Box 546
Cheyenne, WY  82003
Phone:  307-634-4657
     9:15 AM – F.U.E.L. Stops (Small Groups)
     10:30 AM – Celebration Service
        Children’s Church
     Intercessory Prayer
       6pm Personal Prayer Time
               (Soaking in God’s Presence)
       7pm Group Prayer
WEDNESDAY – 7:00 pm
     Step Up Youth Ministries
     Royal Rangers (Elementary age boys)
     MPact Girls (Elementary age girls)
     F.U.E.L. Stops (Small Groups)


Only the west entrance will be open. (The glass doors facing S. Greeley Hwy).  We will have an awesome team of ushers and greeters ready to meet you.  Every other pew is closed for physical distancing guidelines. 

According to the guidelines from Governor Gordon, each individual household must maintain a 6-foot distance from others.  Close contact between members of different households is prohibited before, during, and after the gathering. 

CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES:  We are offering Children’s Church.  Parents, please drop off your child/children in the gym.  We have signs set up to help with the drop off process.  Your child’s safety is our concern, so we are taking each child’s temperature as they check in. 

If you are at HIGH RISK for Coronavirus, please continue to join us from your home by way of live-streaming.

I know there are many opinions about the virus and physical distancing, but we really need your support in following the guidelines as we meet together.